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Years ago, if you wanted to eat “green”, you pretty much had to cook for yourself or opt for an often inedible-looking meal at a hard-to-find organic cafe. Nowadays it’s becoming easier to eat with the environment in mind whilst enjoying amazing cuisine in stunning settings. Here are five of the best sustainable restaurants.

Narisawa in Tokyo

A Japanese establishment serving French Japanese fusion Michelin Star dishes. Demonstrating the highest environmental and social responsibility practices, its ethos includes procuring local, seasonal and ethically sourced produce; treating people fairly; promoting healthy eating; community engagement and responsible marketing. There is a further focus on an eco-friendly supply chains, waste management, energy efficiency and water-saving initiatives.

Rouge Tomate in New York City

Incorporating sustainability into every aspect of its operations and Michelin Star menu. Fitted with FSC-certified wood floors and furniture, energy efficient ovens, refrigerators and lighting systems reducing energy use markedly. Restaurant staff ensure that waste is separated appropriately and that food items are composted. Ingredients are purchased from local purveyors with a focus on seasonal produce. Furthermore, all wines are organic or bio dynamic.

Chez Panisse in San Francisco

Founded by internationally acclaimed chef Alice Waters. Waters introduced diners to the concept of sustainable cuisine and organic gardening shaping food culture around the world. Chez Panisse features a new menu every night that utilises sustainably sourced, organic and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant procures locally grown produce that is harvested ecologically by nearby farmers.

Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire

Receiving two Michelin stars within just a year of opening this jewel serves up modern French cuisine. The restaurant procures its fresh, seasonal ingredients straight from the on-site two-acre vegetable garden that produces 90 types of vegetables and 70 herb varieties. Raymond Blanc believes in eco-friendly restaurant operations and fittingly was made President of the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Geranium in Copenhagen

One of the best restaurants in Scandinavia this gem focuses on serving up dishes that put a modern twist on classic Scandinavian cooking. Ingredients for meals are sourced from bio-dynamic farmers who follow organic and holistic cultivation systems. An organic, vegetarian menu is also made available to diners.